6 Reasons to get your teeth whitened


Patients choose to have their teeth whitened for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most popular reasons our patients choose to undertake treatment.

Teeth whitening can be a highly effective way of lightening the natural shade of your teeth. Though teeth whitening can lighten the shade of your natural teeth, it cannot completely change the colour of your teeth.

Patients get their teeth whitened for a range of reasons. Here are the top 6 reasons patients choose to have their teeth whitened:

  1. Discolouration – Teeth whitening is able to offset tooth discolouration caused by plaque or tartar build-up, or other oral health concerns.
  2. Important events / special occasions – Teeth whitening is often a popular choice for patients attending a special event or important occasion. Teeth whitening is a great way to ensure your smile is looking bright and healthy for that wedding, birthday, graduation or family Christmas portrait.
  3. Upcoming job interviews – Your smile is often the first thing someone will notice about you, a smile is often your first impression. Whiter, brighter teeth often give off a professional appearance, something sought after by potential employers.
  4. Effects of aging – As you age your tooth enamel begins to become worn down, this can have effect on the discolouration of your teeth and can generate problems with their cosmetic appearance. Teeth whitening can be a great way of offsetting the effects of aging, giving you a bright and healthy looking smile.
  5. Effects of smoking – It is common knowledge that smoking has a range of negative impacts on your health, but smoking can also have great effect on your smile. Smoking can lead to higher risk of developing oral health problems related to the build-up of plaque and harmful bacteria on your teeth, often leading to discolouration. With teeth whitening, we are able to target the discolouration caused by smoking, whitening teeth to give the effect of brighter, healthier teeth.
  6. Effects of diet – Diets which include high consumption of coffee, tea, citrus or wine can cause teeth to become stained over a prolonged period of time. Teeth whitening enables us to counter certain stains which are caused due to a patient’s diet.

Sanctuary Cove Dental offer both in surgery and at home, teeth whitening options. Our treatment works by penetrating the tiny holes in your tooth enamel that trap everyday stains, and removes these with the use of peroxide-based gel.

In-surgery whitening

Our in surgery treatment can whiten teeth several shades lighter in as little as one to two hours. During your appointment, Dr Singh will determine which treatment best suits your individual needs, as well as ensuring your gums and soft tissues are protected throughout the entire process.

 At-home whitening

At home whitening treatment can take longer than in surgery whitening, taking up to two weeks to achieve results. Although this process takes longer to see results, it is often a great option for those patients wishing to control the whitening results, or maintain their in-surgery whitening treatment. At our dental practice based on the Gold Coast, we can create a custom whitening tray that is used to hold the peroxide whitening gel. These trays are worn for a period of time each night to achieve a brilliant white smile.

For more information about our teeth whitening procedures visit the teeth whitening page on our website. Alternatively if you would like to make an appointment to see one of our dentists for a consultation, contact us here.


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